Public Speaking

If you are looking for a keynote, a presenter of presentations, someone on a panel discussion or a person to facilitate a group discussion.  Lyles Consulting can provide a resource for your need.
Ivory W. Lyles is the author of several publications and speech texts that deliver messages of hope, inspiration and motivation. As a product of the rural Mississippi Delta, he brings a plethora of life experiences and knowledge that can shape followers into leaders. His direct coaching style helps those in leadership positions to reconnect to the core strengths that got their operations started.  From recruiting new board members to retraining existing teams, Lyles Consulting commits to helping you reach your desired goals by avoiding pitfalls from the top.

Management Consulting

Policy Analysis and Review - Reworking the Rules
Reworking the rules and regulations of your operation or agency requires straightforward examinations of what works and what does not work. With innovative approaches to reviewing and developing strategies that address the core of success building, we start by revamping the manuals that launched your organization. Rethinking, rewriting, and redirecting the game plan --- solid steps into a brighter future.

Resource Development – Finding Money When Funds Run Low
As a successful resource developer and supervisor of finances at the University of Arkansas, Ivory W. Lyles raised more than $25 million in 8.5 years. He’s managed operating budgets in excess of $75 million and uses these skills to help churches and non-profits meet financial challenges head on.  With an eye for detail and expertise in strategic financial management, Lyles Consulting builds church coffers beyond the tithes and offerings. He develops funding strategies into stable financial resources.

Financial Analysis – Designing Strategies  to Keep Money Flowing
By breaking down and rebuilding financial structures Lyles Consulting redirects financial circuits by using a trusted financial analytical model. His expertise in financial management has been proven and tested in the successful administrative overhaul conducted at the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.

Leadership Training

- Face to Face Extensive Coaching
- Advisory Team Building
- Board Development
At Lyles Consulting, we provide the experience needed to realign or reconstruct resources of people to build a solid base for growth.  This is the flagship of our group and we deliver sound, tested solutions that result in successfully managed and led churches, agencies, non-profit groups and service based institutions.
We use a variety of tactics, methods and training sessions.  We devote energy and insight to bring out the leadership skills in people and organizations.